Website Design Duplication Services


Duplicating a Website

Sweet custom website design duplication services.

Do you love a cool website you found online? Are you wanting an exact replica made for your company? Our process is simple. We simply audit the website you’re looking to duplicate and then we provide you a quote to replicate the website based on pages and functionality coding difficulty.

We have completed more than 250 web design projects – from complete custom end to end websites as well as perfect, 100% exact website replicas from other designs found online. Contrary to popular belief, design elements and functionality are not copy-written – unlike website content (which is called duplicate content). We simply write our own code that completes the same look and functionality that you found online.

What platform do we duplicate websites on to?

Great question! We simply write our own HTML code that acts and looks the exact same way of your favorite website design you have narrowed down online. We then take that code and build the design onto a WordPress platform. WordPress is a free platform that anyone can use. Its very extensive and allows you manage your own blog, which is part of the website.

Can you manage your new website replica?

You can manage the blog piece of the website, but not the new design. Unlike your typical website builders or WordPress themes, duplicating a website requires that we create new code all done in custom HTML files. These files require someone skilled at coding to manage them. We offer discounted website management fees for all of our website replicas so that if you need to move things around, change images, change content, or add in new stuff, the formatting is correct and the changes look nice on the front end. Normally, with websites that you make on your own, or a website that is created using a theme, you can make these changes on your own. However, because duplicating a website requires such custom code, it will require someone like DesignForest to make changes for you.

What kind of websites can we duplicate?

We can duplicate pretty much any type of website design you can think of. We specialize primarily in custom direct response landing page design as well as service industry based websites such as websites for law firms, doctors, accountants, PR firms, schools, etc. If you’re wondering whether we can replicate a cool website you found online, simply shoot us a message with the link to the website you want. From there, we can ask you a few questions about the design you found and then provide you with a quote.

Are our duplicate websites mobile responsive?

100%. Every website we duplicate and launch is 100% mobile ready and is responsive to all devices including phones and touch pads.

What is the cost for duplicating a website?

We all want to know this question, right? Our services are affordable and straightforward. We simply provide a one time fixed quote based on two things.

  1. Complexity of the design including things such as parallax, sidebar menus, video integration, newsletter connections, and eCommerce integration.
  2. Total number of pages needed to create. Most websites you find will have way more pages than what you’re probably wanting for your company. We’ll help you narrow down which pages you want to replicate and then provide the quote from there. Pretty simple .

On average our duplicate websites cost around $180 per page to build.

*Note – Not all websites are created equal. Some pages will cost more than others such as homepages (which are typically more robust) and heavy interactive pages such as a charts and diagrams. 

Are you ready to get started? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with you shortly to discuss. We want to make it very clear to you that although our company is located in the USA, our team is developing overseas. This is why our costs are lower and the quality is still fantastic. If you’re not cool with this, we’re sad to see you go. If you don’t have an issue with this and communicating via Skype and email is okay, then let’s have a go!