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Fishbowl Inventory is an excellent out-of-the-box solution and can really help businesses immensely if fully setup correctly. Like most mid-level solutions, training and support is not typically included in your software solution purchase. For a small amount of Fishbowl Inventory customers that we work with, they have a well-staffed IT department who has a sufficient amount of time in their schedule to learn Fishbowl, perform the proper Fishbowl Inventory database setup and implementation, and also complete Fishbowl Inventory training for their entire company without outside consulting or help. The majority of companies who purchase Fishbowl Inventory, however, need a top tier Fishbowl Inventory expert to come on-site and fully setup and implement Fishbowl Inventory for them as well as provide comprehensive Fishbowl Inventory training and support.

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Properly implementing Fishbowl Inventory requires extensive knowledge of inventory configuration. The vast majority of companies we work with here at DesignForest have extremely outdated inventory databases and are in need of a professional database cleanup and restructure service before fully configuring the Fishbowl Inventory import file. Our team can help eliminate days or even months off of your inventory database cleanup, setup, import, and implementation.

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Our senior level Fishbowl Inventory training specialists will help alleviate the pain of learning extensive Fishbowl settings and adhering your new software to Fishbowl Inventory best practices. We’ll help identify critical areas of setting up Parts, Products, Bills of Materials, and other impactful focal points.

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1-on-1 Fishbowl Training

Our senior Fishbowl Inventory specialists have more than 7,000 hours of Fishbowl Inventory training experience and our team here at DesignForest has complete almost 150 Fishbowl Inventory projects including database cleanups, setups, trainings, implementations, and custom programming projects. We guarantee that our Fishbowl Inventory trainers are the best in the world and will help guide you through every step of the setup and implementation process to your exact needs. We do this through on the floor trainings, exercises, group tasks and group testing.

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