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magento community edition services

Magento Community Edition is the fast growing and most respected open-source eCommerce shopping cart platform in the world as of today. In fact, according to Google search results, the term “Magento” is globally searched more than the term “eCommerce”.  DesignForest is one of the nation’s most trusted Magento Community Edition programming firms.
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For many companies, this Magento website option is the best for your initial dollar. Magento Community is often a gateway drug for companies looking to go to the next level online in terms of shopping cart websites, but not quite as big time as Magento Enterprise. We can help take a super savvy Magento theme template and build your dreams out from there. Our team will help break down the best themes for your industry. magento web design, magento web development.


One of the beautiful aspects of Magento Community is that you can really build your platform out the way that you want it using some of the many well-rounded and well-reviewed custom Magento extensions available on the market today. Our team can help take those awesome extensions and build them right into your design. We’ll also provide support for them during the launch phases of the extension itself.


Although most Magento themes that are out on the market provide enough for you to get started, some clients we work with have other dreams and visual desires (don’t get dirty on me now). For our clients who want something more dynamic and personal, we have a full wire frame and custom UI/UX team here that can help build exactly what you’re needing to succeed with your brand.


Some companies that we work with already have an incredible wire frame development team or UI/UX team in place. However, turning that design work into Magento ready coding can be a disaster, or impossible, if you don’t know how to code Magento. Our expert back-end Magento developers can take even the toughest UI/UX design and get that baby fully built out on the the Magento platform. Custom designs on Magento can be fun and exciting.


This is probably one of the things we hear the most with Magento website owners. Their website is running slow for some reason. This is less of a Magento problem as it is a product page build problem. Many website owners or developers are not versed enough in page compression or infrastructure cleanup. We can take your Magento site speed to the top. Website speed test help is our specialty.


DesignForest tackles Magento Community projects for businesses spanning many different industries including precious metals, electronic cigarette companies, NASCAR certified suppliers, top home decor companies, and more. No matter what industry you’re in, Magento Community is an excellent entry way into the next level of online marketing and online shopping cart sales. We invite you to take the ride!

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For many companies we work with, their main reason for shifting up in to Magento Community is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advantage. Unlike most platforms that are built with a shopping cart as a plugin or extension, Magento Community was specifically built to sell products. Now you can win the on-page SEO game like never before.

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