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magento enterprise edition services

Magento Enterprise Edition is simply put – the best eCommerce platform that exists on planet Earth today. So when did Magento sour into the stratosphere? In 2011, eBay purchased Magento for a cool $180 million and has never looked back. Magento Enterprise is their heavenly brainchild. We’ll break down why its so cool below. The investment for this platform is substantially more than Magento Community but it provides exponentially more features, speed, and scalability for large online superstores.
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For most Magento Enterprise customers that we work with, they typically want a custom UI/UX design created. Although the investment for this is much higher, you’re getting a design that is based around your brand’s vision or mission. However, we’re pretty good at re-creating Magento themes into what you might need. This will save a bit of investment upfront for you.


Because Magento Enterprise Edition projects are typically much larger in scope and functionality (not necessarily product quantities – but rather design intricacies), custom UI/UX will help give you exactly what you need in terms of selling your product the right way – both visually and functionally. Our team of advanced UI/UX designers can work with your marketing to give you just the right taste.


Many companies who choose to use us for their Magento Enterprise Edition projects usually start the UI/UX design process with us as well. For those clients, we’ll implement your new design into the Magento Enterprise platform so that your site runs without hiccups. Some clients come to us with UI/UX designs already completed. We can take those and implement them in Magento code as well.


Are you a company already using Magento Enterprise Edition? Our expert team here at DesignForest will help re-configure your online goals into real revenue. We can help train you on features within the Magento Enterprise system that will help you sell more products, checkout customers faster, and re-market customers easier. Our strategy consulting services will help you get the most our of your store.


Magento Enterprise is a beast. For that reason, it can be very costly and inefficient to have in-house IT staff try and manage a foreign platform like Magento Enterprise. Our advanced certified team of Magento Community & Enterprise programmers can help maintain your online superstore, help with on-page SEO additions for new products, and troubleshoot any sort of customer to website interaction problem that might be occurring.


Magento Enterprise Edition runs a lot differently than its open source counterpart – Magento Community. Unlike open source, Magento Enterprise is built as one complete unit – from start to finish. Because you’re paying a large annual licensing fee for the platform, you’re also reaping the booty of all code being written by one company. What does this mean? Unlike open source, Magento Enterprise isn’t comprise of 30 of your favorite extensions. Because its so expansive, you’re getting the best of every world in one platform.

This means no broken code, no configuration issues, massive reduction in site speed issues, and elimination of constant extension updating and re-configuration with your theme.


In comparison to Magento Community, Magento Enterprise is 80% faster in re-indexing a website catalog. In general, clients that have switched from Community to Enterprise have seen a site speed increase of 30x (not 30%…30x). This increase in site speed has statistically proven the following:

  • 33% Increase in Daily Orders
  • 31% Increase in Daily Page Views
  • 65% Increase in Overall Page Load Times
  • 85% Increase in Overall Platform Performance

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