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Wal-Mart experienced a 2% loss in global online revenue
because of a 1 second delay in website load time.

Website Page Speed Test

Tools, Programs, & Page Speed Test Websites

Many companies we work with have very slow websites. Websites that need a massive amount of image compression and site speed help. If you have a website with heavy traffic such as a blog, news publication, eCommerce store, or large service based website, the speed of your website is critical for many reasons. Getting an accurate website page speed test is very helpful for starters. Website speed can effect WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento,, Java, PHP, and more.

A speed test website will allow you to see your current Page Grade and Page Load Time. Don’t be fooled by your Page Grade score though. Although it is good to have it up over 90%, it does not necessarily mean much if your website page speed test is still loading at anything more than 3 seconds. Google’s standard for top tier load times is under 3.5 seconds and preferably around or under 2 seconds if possible.


For every 1 second of extra load
time, you lose up to 7% in overall website conversions.

Optimal Speed Times

site speed help

Page speed test websites do not offer a way to fix those errors, just a way to monitor those errors and what needs to be fixed in that moment. They are the same page speed test websites we use to identify what needs to be fixed on our clients’ websites that have speed issues or slow website page speed test results.

Most web design companies have no concept of how to effectively build a website that does not incur an enormous amount of lag time. More than 90% of the website page speed test optimization projects we work on with clients are websites that some other web design company has built. This type of programming and site speed enhancement is very technical and very niche. Our programmers here at DesignForest take great pride in being one of only several true website speed optimization companies in the world.

14% of all internet users will look for another
website if yours takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Decreased Bounce Rates

Website speed optimization services will allow your website to load faster upon initial user landing. You have 2-3.5 seconds to show your viewers you’re worth checking out. Google’s standard for top tier website page load times is 2-3.5 seconds. If it takes your website longer than that to load, you’re users are for sure going to leave.

Our website speed optimization service will decrease your bounce rates on average between 10% and 50% – in some situations even higher. 

how to lower my website bounce rates

40% of all internet users will abandon a website
that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

how to increase my website page views

Increased Page Views

Page views are the total number of pages viewed by the total sum of users on your site. Our site speed help will transform your website into a page viewing machine. When your page load times are too slow, users will run out of patience and end their site session with you. With faster website load times your page views will dramatically increase.

Increased Page Views can have more than just a viewing experience effect though. If you sell ad space or you’re running Ad Words on your website, you’re losing out on big money by not having more page views. Our website speed optimization service will allow your site to become sell-able to outside companies. The top two factors in selling ad space on your site will be total monthly traffic and total monthly page views. In order to maximize page views you’ll need to increase your website speed to 2 – 3.5 seconds or around that range.

Lastly, if you’re paying for Google Ad Words, you’re losing big dollars on impatient customers not reaching their full page viewing potential on your website. Our site speed optimization will help your Pay Per Click dollars go a lot further than if they just hit the homepage and leave.

Our site speed optimization services will increase your page views on average between 20% to 100%+.

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